11.43: Elemental Drama Q&A, with Tananarive Due

Our third Elemental Drama episode is a Q&A, featuring Tananarive Due. The questions are from the attendees at the Writing Excuses Workshop and Retreat:

  • Rather than having a protagonist change themselves, can elemental drama have the protagonist change others?
  • What happens when a character refuses to learn, refuses to overcome their flaw(s)?
  • What are the lines between drama and melodrama?
  • Do you have tips for describing body language that communicates character states?
  • Are there cases where you should not show character growth or change?
  • How do you keep it realistic when writing a character who undergoes a great change?


Credits: This episode was recorded aboard Oasis of the Seas by Bert Grimm, and mastered by Alex Jackson.


In preparation for next month, and Elemental Issue, define both sides of an issue about which you’re passionate. Write down the arguments in favor of the side you disagree with, but don’t use strawman arguments.

Ghost Summer, by Tananarive Due

2 thoughts on “11.43: Elemental Drama Q&A, with Tananarive Due”

  1. Superheroes, tragedy, music, body language, head bobbing, great change, heroes and heroines… when the Writing Excuse Cruise starts asking questions about drama, our fearless foursome get Tananarive Due to help answer! And if you’re looking for a transcript, check out the archives or over here


    Then let those changes in your character shine! Dun, dun, DUNNN!

  2. For some mysterious reason my comment from last week does not appear anywhere but my phone O.o
    So I’ll try again. I wanted to ask about character change. (Two great episodes btw. As always!)
    What do you do when you get attached to a character you created long ago and now you just can’t think of objectively? It really bothers me because I find those characters necessary to the story but difficult to play with.

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