Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship Announcement, Part 2

Congratulations, Shveta Thakrar! 

The scholarship jury at The Carl Brandon Society selected Shveta Thakrar as the recipient of this year’s Writing Excuses Scholarship. Shveta has accepted, and we all look forward to meeting her in person at the Out of Excuses event in September.

The Carl Brandon Society jury members were:

  • Nisi Shawl
  • Chesya Burke
  • Lisa Bolekaja
  • K.T. Bradford (Chair)

As we congratulate Shveta and welcome her to the event, we also extend our thanks to Nisi, Chesya, Lisa, and Tempest for their work in reviewing the applications and the submitted works. Their volunteered efforts make this scholarship possible, and we appreciate their willingness to work with us.

With the second scholarship announced, our only remaining announcement is that registration will close on July 1st. The prices have gone up since our original bloc sold out, but there are still slots available… for another 26 days, or thereabouts. Registration can be found here, at Eventbrite.

4 thoughts on “Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship Announcement, Part 2”

  1. Congratulations, Shveta! Lucky girl… you’re going to have such an epic time out in the magnificent Caribbean with probably the best possible set of writing mentors out there helping you hone your craft! Have an incredible time and really make the most of this incredible chance–live it up for all of us who won’t get to go this year too. :-) Best wishes to you on this epic adventure!

  2. Congratulation Shveta Thakrar (I could have just said Shveta but love the sound of your last name!). All the best to you in your journey. :)

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