Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship Announcement, Part 1!

The time has come! For…half of you. We had hoped to announce both of our Retreat scholarships yesterday, but the Carl Brandon Society is still working hard, choosing among the many worthy applications, and so that half of the announcement will be delayed. If you applied for the Carl Brandon scholarship, that winner will be announced on June 5. We thank you for your patience.

But if you applied for the Writing Excuses scholarship, we’re announcing that RIGHT NOW!

*drum roll*

We are delighted to report that Suzanne Gale will be joining us on the Writing Excuses cruise this September! Our decision was unanimous but difficult, because so many of the applications were so strong. We’re delighted and honored that so many of our listeners are such great writers. To all of our applicants: good job! You’re awesome!

And to all of you, scholarship applicants or not: start saving your pennies for next year, because we’re already working on another fantastic retreat. It’s going to be awesome.

And of course, enrollment for this year’s retreat is still open…

9 thoughts on “Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship Announcement, Part 1!”

  1. Congratulations Suzzane! May your sails be filled with the winds of possibility, and your journey with the magic of discoveries not yet imagined.

  2. Congratulations Suz, you deserve it!! I’m very proud of you and even more proud that you’re my big sister. The sky’s the limit and you never cease to amaze me. Love you!!

  3. Congratulations, Suzanne. I’m sad that I didn’t win, but I trust you will represent the present crop of impoverished authors with distinction!

  4. Well done, Suzanne! While I may be envious, I wish you the best in this fantastic opportunity.

  5. Congratulations, Suzanne!! :-D This really sounds like the retreat of a lifetime, so hope you have a really fantastic, inspiring and productive time there!

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