Writing Excuses 10.17: Q&A on Beginnings

We’ve talked about beginnings this month. Now we’ll answer some of your questions on the matter. Here are the questions:

  • What are there differences between the beginnings in different forms?
  • How do you begin in media res when you’re not writing action?
  • What’s the biggest mistake that can be made when plotting the beginning?
  • I see a lot of big-name author beginnings that aren’t all that strong. Why should I spend time making my beginning awesome?
  • How do you balance the need to have something happening right away against the need to have the reader know something about the characters?
  • In creating a character, where do you start in the development process, and what do you begin revealing first?



Take the world-building you’ve done, write your beginning, and then secretly write down your “gee-whiz.” Now run that beginning past some alpha readers, and have them attempt to identify the “gee-whiz.” Compare their answers with your own.

The Shepherdess of Sienna: A Novel of Renaissance Tuscany, by Linda Lafferty, narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal

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  1. Sorry to show my ignorance here… but when you say ‘geewhiz’, what do you mean by that?

    And thank you guys as always! You’ve changed Mondays to a happy thing.

    1. “Gee-Whiz” here means the cool piece of world-building or plot-crafting that you want to show off. Giant space stations, ghosts that talk on the radio, that kind of thing.

  2. Thanks Howard!

    In your opinion is it important that there be a ‘gee-whiz’ moment in the beginning of the story? From this exercise, it sounds like you do feel there should be some of that early on.

    I’m just wondering if I should change things to move mine up a bit.

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  5. Yeah I am doing a “character opener” beginning in the novel I am starting around. “What’s he good at? Violence. What’s he bad at? Almost everything else.” It introduces my favorite conflict of the book (internal, “why am I only good at hurting things’), what the character wants, sets the tone of dark action/adventure and introduces that this is an unpleasant person overall to start with.

    Well, assuming I’ve pulled it off adequately. We’ll find out!

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    Like me this observation may, or may not, be relevant. :)

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  8. The correct Latin is “in medias res”, not “in media res”.

    On the plus side, I learned how to correctly pronounce “Medici”.

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