Writing Excuses 9.51: Q&A At The Retreat

If there’s a crowd with good questions, it’s the Out of Excuses Workshop and Retreat attendees.

  • Given the trend toward moral ambiguity, is there still a place for an unquestionably evil character?
  • Should you publish a first book that isn’t in the style or genre that you’re ultimately interested in?
  • Is it possible to write epic fantasy with a single POV?
  • Of all of the myriad talents of the literary agents you work with, what’s the one that makes you stick with your agent?
  • How do you maintain your writing chops when you’re buried in the research phase of a project?
  • What are some issues a short story writer should be aware of when tackling a novel?
  • How do you go about discovery writing characters?
  • When you build a story, does the foreshadowing go in during the first pass, or in later edits?

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“Everywhere I look, everyone is covered with ketchup.”

Angelmaker, by Nick Harkaway, narrated by Daniel Weyman

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  1. Hi, could anyone help me? I’m trying to add the WE feed on Podcast Addict, but it only shows 10 episodes of 9th season. Does anyone know what can I do to show them all? Thanks a lot!

  2. Well, typically, RSS feeds are used to list the recent history of an ongoing publication, so older entries are likely removed from the feed after a certain amount of time (this is to prevent the file, which is supposed to tiny enough to distribute pretty much instantly, from growing overly large).

    (That said, iTunes is apparently a couple of weeks behind, so you may want to use one of the direct feed links from the top of the left hand menu bar).

    In order to get the rest, it looks like you’ll have to download them manually, one at a time. This page appears to be the most efficient means of doing so (pick the season you want just below the header/tagline): https://writingexcuses.com/category/season/season-9/

  3. Hi, Rashkavar. Thanks for your time. Yeah, I’ve been downloading them manually. It’s funny because other podcasts’ feed actually have all episodes – at least all the onesI listen to. WE is the only one with this issue.

    Great show anyways!

    Thanks for the help.

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