Writing Excuses 9.40: Understanding Royalties, with Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens, an editor at Tor, joined us in front of a live audience at Westercon 67 to talk about royalties. After a brief definition of the term, he explains how royalties are calculated, how they’re processed on Tor’s side, and what sorts of things authors should and should not expect.  We talk about contractual terms, advances, the differences in royalty rates between the different mediums (ebooks, audiobooks, paperback, hard cover), and much more.

We’ve had a lot of requests for an in-depth discussion of royalties. This, folks, is very definitely it.



Write the writing prompt that Dan Wells should have given us.

The Hum and the Shiver, by Alex Bledsoe, narrated by Emily Janice Card and Stefan Rudnicki

4 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 9.40: Understanding Royalties, with Paul Stevens”

  1. I will be thrilled if I ever get to the point where any of this is relevant to my life…

    I feel like I somehow knew most of this information already. I can’t figure out if I’ve absorbed it one snippet at a time over the course of previous business-themed WE podcasts, or if I’ve just browsed far too much of the internet in general.

    Thanks as always.

  2. Thanks for going over this. It’s a bunch of good, useful info all in one place. Definitely going to point people in this direction in the future (although I do wish it had existed about two years ago when I gave a presentation on the subject!).

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