Writing Excuses 9.39: Publicity for Books

Patty Garcia, Director of Publicity for Tor & Forge books, joins us in front of a live audience at Westercon 67 to talk about what publicity activities look like for commercially published genre fiction books. In large measure, these activities center around driving discussion about the books with the most-followed reviewers, and we talk about what some of those are. We grill her about what sort of criteria we should be using for review copies, and what other activities new authors and established authors alike might consider spending time on.


Write a short essay that touches on one of your books, and that will drive interest in your book.

The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addisson, narrated by Kyle McCarley

3 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 9.39: Publicity for Books”

  1. I read “Promise of Blood” because of Howard Tayler’s post on Schlock Mercenary. It was a FANTASTIC book. I would love if that author was a guest on the podcast.

  2. The summary at the end seemed to be, you should give your publicist a gun, and most importantly, you should give him/her a loaded gun.

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