Writing Excuses 9.30: Critiquing A Fire in the Heavens


This is the third of our SHADOWS BENEATH story critique episodes. This episode’s story, “A Fire in the Heavens,” is available as part of the aforementioned Writing Excuses anthology, pictured there on the right, which includes the the draft we critiqued in this episode along with the final version.

We still have one more SHADOWS BENEATH critique episode, so it’s not too late to grab a copy for yourself. Oh, and if you purchase the hardcover, we’ll send you the ebook at no additional charge.

Mary runs this session like she runs her own critique groups using what’s often called the Milford method in which we each take two minutes to run through our thoughts on the story. We do that for the first half of the episode. During the second half Mary asks us questions, sometimes for clarification about what we said, and sometimes for suggestions.


A brainstorming session spawns life somehow.

Rip-Off! Written by: John Scalzi, Jack Campbell, Mike Resnick, Allen Steele, Lavie Tidhar, Nancy Kress, Gardner Dozois (editor)
Narrated by: Wil Wheaton, Scott Brick, Christian Rummel, Jonathan Davis, Stefan Rudnicki, L. J. Ganser, Khristine Hvam

5 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 9.30: Critiquing A Fire in the Heavens”

  1. If you are interested in the brainstorming sessions leading up to these, try

    8-9, 8-10 were Brainstorming with Howard (An Honest Death)
    8-14, 8-16 were Brainstorming with Brandon (Sixth of the Dusk)
    7-35 was Brainstorming with Dan (I. E. Demon)
    7-51 was Brainstorming with Mary (A Fire In the Heavens)

  2. Could we get a “Shadows Beneath” tag? It would help when manually proceeding along the playlist 8-14, 8-16, 7-51, 7-35, 8-9, 8-10, 9-27, 9-28, … through to the end of the critiquing sequence, or through to the end of the exercise, if the Writing Excusers immediately or later come back to more of the process that created the _Shadows Beneath_ anthology.

    Thank you much!

  3. Thank you, ‘nother Mike, that link’s as good as the tag. Bookmarked!

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