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If you wanted to register for the Out of Excuses Workshop and Retreat and didn’t get in, I’m hoping that you might be interested in the Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat.

It’s held at the same location, Mary Robinette Kowal’s parents’ house.

Mary will be joined by NY Times Best-selling author David Anthony Durham; Cynthia Ward and Nisi Shawl, the authors behind the book Writing the Other; and K. Tempest Bradford, author and activist.

On Writing Excuses, some of the most common questions come in as variations of “How do you write someone who isn’t like you.” Many authors struggle to write beyond what they know and write the other. While we tackle this on the podcast, fifteen minutes is not enough time to delve into this tricky and nuanced skill. The Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat is designed with lessons and conversations, paired with a retreat, to give participants an opportunity to work on making their characters and worldbuilding deeper and more thoughtful. And David, Cynthia, Nisi, and Tempest really are that smart.

I hope the same urge that makes you listen to Writing Excuses will allow you to consider attending this retreat.

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3 thoughts on “Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat”

  1. I would absolutely love to do things like this, however I’m only fifteen and I also live in the UK, so a lot of the writing excuses specific things are unavailable to me – I can’t exactly fly over to the US and stay on my own at a retreat! Does anyone know of any UK based writing things that could be available to me? It’s always difficult to find things in the UK, and especially since I’m fifteen I can’t find anything!

  2. I would also recommend John Brown’s collection at

    Brandon Sanderson (you may have heard of him:-) has a set of lectures online here

    There are also YouTube collections of various sorts that might help.

    Are you interested in books about writing? I can recommend some of those, too.

    Frankly, I’m envious. Years ago, when I started learning to write, the resources were the occasional library book, a magazine called Writer’s Digest, and not much else. Now you have lots of resources available online. And quite a few people who will happily point you at more. I think your main problem may be deciding which resources to try, and setting down as Howard likes to point out to BICHOK (Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard).

    Hey, Howard, maybe Writing Excuses should do a podcast about online resources?

    Hang in there, and keep writing!

    ‘nother Mike

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