Writing Excuses 9.7: Last Pass Revisions with Eric James Stone

Revision, revision, revision. It’s easy to tell when you’re in the thick of it, but how do you know when you’re at the end of it? What does the last pass of revisions look like?

Eric James Stone joins us to talk about this. Brandon talk about his last pass of Words of Radiance, Howard throws down a code-base analogy, and Mary explains why Brandon is comfortable adding scenes during his last pass. Our goal is to help you develop a process that works for you.

Liner Note Linkage: “By the Hands of Juan Perón



All of the caffeine in the world is suddenly turned into another substance…

Before They Are Hanged, by Joe Abercrombie, narrated by Steven Pacey

9 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 9.7: Last Pass Revisions with Eric James Stone”

  1. Great episode! While I don’t have much experience revising, I do have a plan for what I am going to do. With the earliest revisions I plan to focus on the structure and plot of the book. During the middle revisions, I want to work with the characters and setting. For the final revisions, I will be perfecting the the language and style. I try to explain this to my Alpha readers, but one of them insists on commenting on the language and style. To me, it’s a bit of a trade-off. On the one hand, it’s important just to write, but on the other, writing scenes as well as you can saves you time during editing. I think it’s a balance that every writer has to find.

  2. Thanks for the code to writing comparison; it for made a lot of stuff click me. I’ve been a code monkey for 20+ years now, since about age 13. I get the coding process and now see how many correlations are between writing fiction & programs. Thanks to episode 8.52 I’ve decided to put my writing aspirations on hold and focus on my coding career for a while longer. Until then I’ll collect ammo for my bag o’ tricks: write notes on interesting people, events, feelings, dreams, etc.. Hopefully this’ll be enough to jump start me when I switch.

  3. ‘nother Mike – Thanks for the transcripts!

    When I feel I’m going deaf, I zip down the comments section until I see your nick, click, and read the garbled…erm…I mean the parts I can’t make out. You know. Due to deafness. And all.

  4. Thanks for lots of encouragement with this one! My writing is academic, not fiction (at least at the moment) but I love your podcast. This was encouraging to me as I’m struggling through the fifth revision of a seemingly never-ending book project. Great to hear your reflections on the process.

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