Writing Excuses 8.46: Editing with Aeryn Rudel

Aeryn Rudel, publications manager (it’s like the editor-in-chief) of Privateer Press‘s Skull Island X imprint, joins us to talk about editing. Obligatory disclaimer — Aeryn is Howard’s boss when Howard writes things like “Extraordinary Zoology.”

Aeryn begins by explaining to us what it is that he’s looking for in works, in the authors with whom he works, and how writers might prepare themselves for this kind of work, but his real job here on the ‘cast is to talk to us about the role of the editor. Much of that role deals with continuity of to the setting and the tone of the piece, but there’s plenty more.


Hell’s copyeditor.

The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One by Joe Abercrombie, narrated by Steven Pacey

5 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 8.46: Editing with Aeryn Rudel”

  1. ells copediter” Wud tha B dis

    Or the grammar Nazi who actually has a Luger and screams salutes to Hitler whenever he feels it appropriate? (And man it’s hard to write that badly.)

  2. A little late here, but a big thanks to Mary this week. Based solely on her hearty endorsement, I decided to get this week’s audiobook, The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One by Joe Abercrombie, narrated by Steven Pacey. I’ve just finished listening to it now, and boy, what a great story, and so wonderfully narrated. I immediately went out to get books two and three.
    (I wonder has Brandon read it? No farmboys, and no Cook’s Tour, it sounds like his cup of tea)
    The narration was indeed amazing, and the story had unforgettable characters. I don’t think I’ve been as happy with a narrator since the couple who did the Wheel of Time audiobooks.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. (I, too, am late getting caught up on my Writing Excuses!)
    Thank you, Mary!
    I’d already read The Blade Itself. Earlier this very year. And I give it credit for my style of writing… or at least, how I aspire to write. Joe is one of my favorite authors right now. Up there beside Mr. Sanderson but for different reasons. Joe taught me how to 3rd person. Sanderson taught me work ethic and communicating what’s going on with my fans.
    I’d been putting it off, and I apologize for it considering how much I like the podcast, but now I simply must read some Robinette Kowal. Clearly she has good taste in literature.

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