Writing Excuses 7.26: Q&A at UVU part 2

Recorded live at Utah Valley University, here’s another Q&A episode from the LTUE Symposium!

The questions:

  • What was Brandon’s plan with Mistborn and the themes regarding establishment?
  • Why does Kelsier shrug so much? (This leads into a fun discussion of “tells.”)
  • How do you know when to stop a chapter? What about expanding it?
  • How do you make your prose more transparent?
  • How do you decide who and what to cut?
  • What do you do to filter out the extraneous ideas that come while you’re writing?
  • What can collaborators do in order to create a single “voice” for the book?
  • What’s the best way to tackle a long back-story?
Want answers? You’ll just have to listen…

From Earl K. Hill, our cameraman: tell a whole story from the view of the sidekick.

Partials, by Dan Wells, narrated by Julia Whelan

14 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 7.26: Q&A at UVU part 2”

  1. There was mention of this podcast being recorded on video – Is there a link to the video somewhere?

  2. I believe the link to the video is available by right clicking the word “video” within the audiostream itself. You may need to scrub backward or forward to get the click entry point just right. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey guys, I’ve just discovered your show and really love it. I’m currently enjoying your Dark Knight episode and how you deconstructed the film. I was wondering if you could talk about Prometheus in a future episode, since I feel there’s a lot to discuss about the structure of Ridley Scott’s latest masterpiece. Thanks!

  4. RE: “What do you do to filter out the extraneous ideas that come while you’re writing?”
    Yes, I, too write down almost every idea I have. :D But I tend to still end up coming up with way, way too many ideas to make each have its own book. So I’m trying to give each story a dozen minor side-stories that intersect, which SHOULD give the story a feeling of depth…

    Also, on your earlier dare, I did a flashback to a mirror scene in a prologue. :D

    And that writing prompt sounds great! In fact, it’s almost word-for-word what I’ve been planning to someday do with a video game!

    Good podcast!

  5. Dang – you hit all three of my main gesture Tells – nodding, blinking AND shrugging. I also do a lot of smiling and waving. And a lot of ups, downs, alongs and follows. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. And yes, I have a long list of things to search on – and it’s growing longer as I find other words. (You didn’t even get into crutch words – I seem to use fierce and ornate a lot).

    Thanks – I enjoy these random questions ‘casts. Loved the flashback not-t0-do’s at the end. ^_^

  6. What great timing! As soon as you got to the part about tells I instantly knew what was mine was, I’d already been thinking about it, and then Dan mentioned “nodding” and I was clapping in my car. It’s comforting to hear we all have the same problems to overcome.

  7. For a good laugh, google “Writing Excuses.” They have “people associated with Writing Excuses” in the sidebar and Dan Wells looks like a super model or something.

  8. Oh yeah, there’s an actor with the same name… which I guess is why Our Dan Wells calls himself TheDanWells on Twitter.

  9. Sorry, I’m a little late to the party on this one – I loved Brandon’s discussion on tells. Seems like my characters nod and shrug too. Will have to fix that.
    And I think it was Mary who brought up characters “seeing” things – seems like my characters do that too, so am fixing that as well.

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