11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Pep-Talk from Dan”

  1. Thank you for doing these guys. I can’t wait for next weeks mini thing and having Howard talk to us on the 30th: It’s the final countdown! *Insert Europe Music here*

  2. Thanks Dan! I’m at about 39,000 words and I’m going to to keep hammering away and try to finish this thing in the next few days. I agree that Nanowrimo has helped me become a lot more consistent writer, its helped me write every day even when I’m not exactly in the mood.

  3. Thank you so much for these peps talks, Dan, Mary and Brandon… They have really helped this NaNo Noobie. Will Howard be doing a pep talk? And what is a Mind Meld? I don’t remember hearing mention of that on the podcast… but then, I’m old… :-)

    Will you all be talking about what one does with the… story… that one has written during NaNo, and how to turn it into something readable?

  4. Hello Dan, I wanted to thank you Brandon, Mary and am looking forward to Howard’s pep talk… I ve been behind from the beginning and am only at 38000 after thanksgiving… I’ve found my pace and am working along regularly now. pass that thanks around…. hope to finish the book and have an actual ending this time around…

  5. lol at Tony only because I was about to type a comment strikingly similar to that one until I read it, at which time I just burst out laughing.

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