Writing Excuses 6.4: Microcasting

Microcasting! It’s our high-speed Q&A! Here are the Q’s, listen to the ‘cast for the A’s.

  • Is it still safe to go the commercial publishing route?
  • How do you find the balance when writing serious stories with silliness in them?
  • What are the alternatives to three-act structure?
  • Do you ever lose your drive, and what re-inspires you when you do?
  • How does your writing life affect your non-writing life?
  • What was the defining moment in your life where you decided to become a writer?
  • How effective are book trailers?

Audiobook Pick-of-the-Week: 1421: The Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies, narrated by Simon Vance

Writing Prompt: Give us a story in which writers are using actual fantastic creatures in the process of writing fantasy — ink from unicorn horns, elf-skin parchment, etc.

Promised Liner Note Links: Dan’s 7-point Story Structure,

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59 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 6.4: Microcasting”

  1. i miss the old writing excuses . . . it feels like a mary podcast now. i’ve been following the site for year for one reason: brandon sanderson. it just feels diluted now . . .

  2. Four perspectives in fifteen minutes does mean time is sliced a little finer than when it was just three. This is somewhat true.

    However, there have been five seasons where it was just The Guys, and they’ve covered a lot of wonderful ground in that time. It makes sense, if there’s a question they feel has already been answered by them, to turn to Mary for a new take.

    Also, five seasons. At, say, 30 episodes a season, that’s _150_ episodes. And it feels diluted and changed after only four?

    Check, please.

    Give it time, let them adjust to the new formula. Trust that they know what they’re doing.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just asking for some maturity and perspective.

    I’m also stunned at how insensitive people are on the intarwebs.

  3. Actually, since I happen to have the transcript handy… let’s see. Brandon has 40 comments. Dan and Howard open their mouths 31 times. And Mary only has 25 times that she speaks up. Admittedly, I didn’t try to do a line count or time measures — feel free to do so. However, especially given that at least a couple of questions were specifically tossed at Dan or Howard, I think perhaps the “imbalance” isn’t quite as bad as suggested. Who knows, when they deconstruct Brandon’s epic goal-oriented writing, perhaps Mary will be the “interlocutor” allowing Brandon to expound at length?

  4. I subscribe to Asimov’s and basically let them pile up and then read them in order. I just got to September 2010 and it looks like I’m going to be reading some MRK. W00t!

  5. Would you please change something about how you do the podcast so that Mary’s voice comes through more loudly and clearly? In this podcast, and in some of the others, I have to strain to hear what she says, and if there’s background noise in the room I’m in, I can’t hear what she says at all, although I can hear what the others are saying clearly.

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