Assorted Administrivia: Hugo Nominations, WordPress Upgrade, and Superstars Seminar

First and foremost: a close examination of the rules for Hugo Nominations reveals that Writing Excuses Season 4 is eligible to be nominated under the “Best Related Work” category. If you attended WorldCon in Melbourne, or if you already have your Renovation membership, you’re eligible to do some nominating. So, for your consideration, Writing Excuses Season 4. It ran from January 2010 through August 2010, and the full content is available online at this site. The easiest way to surf it all is to use the date widgets over in the right sidebar. But for heaven’s sake don’t do it all in one sitting. Those episodes probably add up to at least nine full hours of us not being that smart because you’re in a hurry.

Secondly: We just performed a WordPress upgrade, and upgraded the plugins we use as well. If you see weirdness, let us know so we can figure out what we broke. (And by “we” we actually mean “Howard.”)

Third: This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we’ll be variously attending (Dan and Howard) and presenting (Brandon) at the Superstars Writing Seminar in Salt Lake City. We hope to record a few interview episodes while there, because the list of presenters for that event is pretty stellar.

11 thoughts on “Assorted Administrivia: Hugo Nominations, WordPress Upgrade, and Superstars Seminar”

  1. “If you see weirdness, let us know so we can figure out what we broke. (And by “we” we actually mean “Howard.”)”

    So, instead of ” let us know so we can figure out what we broke.”, you mean ” let us know so Howard. can figure out what Howard. broke.”

    That’s weirdness enough for me! :P

  2. Alas, I am not attending Renovation this year, so I’ll just have to root for you guys from afar. Good luck!

  3. My iTunes showed the podcast feed I was using was broken. I had to re-subscribe by using the blog feed into iTunes. This may be something to look at.

    Love the show!

  4. Question: Is there a WE video feed somewhere? Because every once in a while Howard’ll be like, “And for those of you benefiting from the video…” and I’m like, “WHAT VIDEO? I NEED THIS VIDEO?!!!”

    …Not because I’m a creeper, but because I’m a fervent appreciator. Also because for me listening to someone talk is more difficult than listening and watching them talk.

    If there’s not then cool, I just listened to some old WE episodes today (yes I do that. I told you: fervent appreciator.) and Howard said that, and then I came here and wondered if the link had got lost?

  5. @Charlie: No video feed. I was channeling an old Monty Python comedy tape in which they recorded a live show and then had an announcer cut in and describe some of the sight gags.

    “For those of you listening at home, the Constable has just thrown up in his helmet.”

  6. The Itunes feed appears to be broken. Makes it slightly hard to download from my ipod touch.


  7. For those of you inclined to nominate for the Related Works Hugo, it helps to be consistent. Might I suggest:

    Related Work Title: Writing Excuses Season 4
    Author: Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells
    Publisher: Writing Excuses

    While the Hugo staff will diligently attempt to figure out what people are trying to nominate, it doesn’t hurt to make their job easier.

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