29 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 5.12: The Secret of Lincoln’s Gold”

  1. Instant Transcript

    Key point: Enjoy Thanksgiving

    This is Writing Excuses Episode 12, or it would have been. Ha ha ha. I stole it. I’m Exiss, Cat Burglar of Time, and you have been inconvenienced.

  2. Curses! Exiss, Cat Burgler of Time, you have indeed inconvenienced me! Restore episode 12 to its rightful place at once!

  3. You guys should know better than to tweak that part of my brain!
    I tried downloading the stupid thing FIVE TIMES before I called my internet provider and had them reset my DSL box, positive that something was going wrong on my end. Then three more times.
    Now I try again today, only to find out that it was all some joke on us the listeners. Honestly, I came really close to being offended, feeling like I had been cheated. If I didn’t like you guys so much and had a little bit of trust with you, this is the kind of thing that would have led to me never listening again.
    Mostly the problem came from the fact that the download size was only 141kb, which is the same size I get when a file doesn’t download properly. If I hadn’t gone back and tried to listen to it online today after getting even more frustrated, I wouldn’t even get the comments here.
    I know that my opinion is small in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like you guys still owe me an episode. Either that or I am going to have to track down Exiss and cave their head in. Yes, it really did get me that pissed.
    If this was some kind of promo, I don’t want anything to do with it now. Just a note to anyone who was part of the marketing group, one of us is interested, (Airon) one of us, (ME!) wants to hurt you in ways that will make your sworn enemies cringe.

  4. You know, I just realized, the last time you guys got me this irritated was when John Brown was on back in season 3. https://writingexcuses.com/2009/10/04/
    This led to me reading one of the worst published works ever in modern history, Jude The Obscure.
    That resulted from me misunderstanding Brandon statement about splitting the podcast in half, not knowing that he meant the two parts in one episode, not two episodes.
    Either you guys are trying to get me to associate John with bad things, or are out to prove that his writing is so awesome that it can transcend them, which it does.

  5. Exiss, you naughty little cat burglar of time. You have lost this round, for you have failed to inconvenienced me. Life has already beat you to that sweetie. In face, I found this stolen episode to be rather amusing and I hope there is more to come.

    I think crazy fake episodes like this might teach those lazy listeners to stop relaying on technology to download the shows for them. Is it really so hard to come to the website, maybe read the main comment page to see that it is a joke, and then download the show with a click of the mouse to see what the joke is? Then while you are here, maybe you will actually click on a few keys on the keyboard and leave a comment.

    But try not to leave wimpy little tantrum speech about how angry you got, because no one cares. I mean, if one gets so worked up over a such a little thing as this, it makes me wonder how they react to real problems. Could any one’s life really be so empty an jaded as to lose one’s cool over a podcast, or the lack of one? Got an issue? Get a tissue.

  6. Captain Obvious would like to say that deliberately screwing with people whom you want to give you money is not as awesome as it seemed when you thought of it while huffing paint. He thanks you.

  7. @WKEM: Whoa- relax dude. Even if this *had* been a bad file download, RSS feeds fail all the time. You don’t need to go calling your ISP about it. Just give it a week and see if it fixes itself. As for them owing you an episode, check your feed again. They put out a regular episode less than half an hour after posting this one.

  8. I don’t rely on an RSS feed. I download the episodes directly from the site here. That is why I was getting so frustrated.
    Also, there have been times where they have put up two episodes in one day. I thought that this was going to be one of those joyous times. So you can imagine my disappointment.

  9. WEKM: They “owe” you an episode? Dude, this is a free podcast they take time out of their lives to make to help other people.

    You could have used the time you would have spent listening to the podcast to write something, and then everyone would have been happy.

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