See Writing Excuses Live This Saturday!

This Saturday, July 31st, from 5:00pm until 8:00pm Brandon Sanderson, and Dan Wells and Howard Tayler will record two or three episodes of Writing Excuses in front of a live audience. Dan will give one lucky attendee an advance copy of the Mr. Monster, coming out this October from Tor.  There will be much book signing and even some book sketching, as this will also be the launch party for Howard’s latest book, Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist.

Join us at Dragons and Fairy Tales in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Bring your stumpers, too, because one of the ‘casts will be devoted to audience Q&A.

We will sign books that you bring with you, but thoughtful, classy readers always buy something there at the shop to help support the event.

Dragons and Fairy Tales is located at 3535 Ranches Pkwy, Eagle Mountain, Utah.You can find it on google maps and get directions.

4 thoughts on “See Writing Excuses Live This Saturday!”

  1. Hi guys!

    Brandon, Shannon and I are driving down Friday during the day! Look for the blue “Little Feat” shirt! Once again though, I feel strange coming to another signing after having all your books signed already! :) I’m excited to see a recording of “Writing Excuses” though! See you there!
    Mike & Shannon.
    P.S. Hi from us to Pemberly and the kids!

  2. Hi guys, could you please please please post a full list of books that you’ve recommended on previous podcasts? I’d really like a centralized place to find all of these without re-listening to each individual episode.

    THANK YOU for the podcast! I love your literary criticism and enjoy it the podcast very much even though I am not a writer and have no interest in becoming one :). I couldn’t find a forum to post this so I figured posting a comment was probably the best way.

  3. Jonathan:

    I’ve been thinking of compiling a database for this podcast (mainly a list of recommended books and categorizing the podcasts under more general topics like plot development, writing process, editing, publishing, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have a website. I’ll find a public fileserver I can give you a link for when I’m done. I’ll post it both here and on the comment stream for the first writing excuses ‘cast that comes up after I finish it, so you can find it easily.

    Brandon, Dan, Howard, etc:

    I’ll be keeping these data up to date every week as new podcasts are released; if you think this sort of thing would be helpful for more of your listeners, I’d be happy to let you provide a link on the site somewhere.

  4. Rashkavar,

    Couldn’t the WordPress tags / categories on this site be used to categorize the podcasts? Obviously, you don’t have admin access to this site, but if you (or a group of us) came up with a consistent organization system, I bet the Code Monkeys That Be would be willing to change the tags to make things better organized.

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