18 thoughts on “Site going down tonight at 10pm MST”

  1. There are no daytimes in the mountains. There is only snow, and more snow. And occasionally less snow.

    Actually, that sounds more like a description of Canada by anyone who wants to annoy a Canadian. Hmm.

  2. fixing bugs eh? Sorry to say Mr. Tayler but now things are bleeding out of their fields into other text boxes on your homepage when I run Firefox 3.5 Maybe it’s my browser, maybe it will fix itself/just go away, but now I can’t read the description of some of the episodes because a long grey box saying “select category” is covering them on the left hand side.

  3. Hmmm… That’s probably a conflict between the old theme files and the new scripts. It’s not a bug. It’s an implementation problem.

    We’ll be updating our theme eventually. The bugs we needed to fix were critical security holes, so we’re not rolling back over cosmetic issues.

  4. @Jake: Two cases is not enough to draw a baseline from, but I can’t duplicate your problem with my fresh installation of FireFox 3.5.3.

    Try the usual stuff. Upgrade the browser, flush the cashe, reboot…

  5. I just updated to 3.5.3 and I don’t notice any problems. Nor did I run into any with the previous version (presumably 3.5.2, but I didn’t check…)

  6. @Jake — 3.5.2 here, and no problem. By any chance do you override the page fonts and sizes with your own? Tools->options->Contents->Fonts&Colors->Advanced… there’s a checkbox that says whether to use the page fonts/sizes or your own?

  7. I messed with some of my system themes and fonts and the problem went away, but it was the tool box being too wide and covering the text that was the problem not the fonts themselves. At any rate a problem fixed is one not to sweat, especially when it didn’t stop me from being able to listen to the episodes in the first place.

  8. The one thing I notice about the site since the upgrade is that the picture of Brandon seems to have aged… and gotten glasses. I think I preferred the prior look, but your PR specialist may disagree :-)

  9. Why no listing on the sit that you won a Parsec Award?!?
    I mean, COME ON! You guys are now an “Award Winning” podcast. Put it out there, be PROUD!
    If nothing else, it will help people feel like they are not wasting their time listening to you. :P

  10. Pretty sure that’s what they were talking about as an upcoming announcement, or at least that was my guess after seeing that, since it WAS mentioned in all three twitter streams :).

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