14 thoughts on “Writing Excuses Episode 632: Now that we’ve got time travel what do we do with it?”

  1. Brandon- Did you intend to sound like a Dalek from “Dr Who” on this podcast? If so, you pulled it off beautifully! April Fool’s guys! :)

  2. Bah, how preposterous…to think Brandon would ever take over the world before my own plans for domination succeeded. April Fools indeed.

  3. Oh, Brandon could do it. He already has a whole army on his side. Haven’t you read his fan forums? Not to mention all those Allomancers and Fe-mutch-ya-call-its.

    Who is the sponsor for this episode?

  4. Meep… now he really is an Evil Undead Over-Lord!

    Haha, fun 40 seconds guys.

  5. I was afraid that would happen someday. I really should do something about that well of ascension in my back yard.

    Good one guys. Lol

  6. Now I have one more reason why I shouldn’t listen to WE at the library… Lol! *gets angry glares from fellow patrons*

  7. I reckon that by Season 20 (maybe 21) you will come around to Episode 632 – what will happen? It is maybe only 6 or 7 years away. Will there be a breach in the space-time continuum? Will Cyber Bran-Don emerge from a wormhole with his legion of llama-mounted Allomancers to enact his evil plan for world domination? Can Howard and Dan foil his evil plan by saving him?

    I guess we’ll just have to ‘can-of-worms’ that…

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