Late Again… Episode 24

Jordan emailed me from his Blackberry to say that the power is out on his block. The audio file is therefore trapped on a cold disk, so barring Jordan driving over here to my place right now we’re not going to get our second Tracy Hickman episode posted until Monday morning.

In completely unrelated news, I suppose at some point we could do a podcast about “setting expectations vs. fulfilling promises.”

14 thoughts on “Late Again… Episode 24”

  1. As a purely palliative interim measure, we could all go over to and read the story, then critique it using all the insights and helpful hints that we’ve learned right here at Writing Excuses. Your blue books may be turned in through the mail slot in Howard’s door.

  2. Mike, I think i may want to kiss you.

    This is going to totally destroy my day though. So much for being a productive member of the team today. All I can hope is that I am not the first shift driver, or my attention is going to be shot.
    Now I just need to load it up on the laptop. Dang big file.
    If I can’t have my Writing Excuses fix, at least I can read a Hugo nominee.

  3. “on setting expectations vs. fulfilling promises.”

    *Pant* *Pant* Oh man, that had me in stitches. I look forward to it tomorrow, and in the meantime I got an excellent bit-o-humor!

  4. Hey, as long as you’re up and running by the time I desparately need a sound-file-grading break around noon CST, I won’t cast virtual stones. …after that, all bets are off!

    In oddly related news, Nathan Bransford, a literary agent, recently blogged about the question ‘what do authors owe thier readers’. It seems to be, in fact, a question for the ages.

  5. Not sure where howard got Monday morning, he should know I don’t do anything but sleep in the morning, it should be up by around 10pm MST tonight.

  6. Ok, my last comment was about the podcast being late, not Howard’s Hugo nomination! That gets a ‘Woo-hoo!’

  7. Sure it was.

    Ep 24 is submitted and once either Dan or Howard do their blurb magic it will be live.

  8. Aaaand it’s up. Sorry for the lateness, and for the incorrect setting of expectations. For some reason I thought that Jordan would put this up as soon as he had electricity again, knowing that Dan or I would be able to then write the blurb and publish it while Jordo slept in.

    Apparently my own expectations were incorrectly set. Oh, and my hopes dashed. TRAGEDY.

  9. That’s it, I’m installing a Taser alarm clock over at Jordo’s house. He will get up early and post our updates, even if it nearly kills him.

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