Episode 23 Will Be A Little Late

Jordan and Brandon are both out of town on family business, and neither Dan nor Howard have access to the audio files. So… amuse yourselves by guessing what we will be talking about once the episode is actually posted. (I lay 5:2 odds on your guesses being more interesting topics than what we actually did. Maybe we’ll use some of what you come up with.) 

19 thoughts on “Episode 23 Will Be A Little Late”

  1. Thanks for the update so I don’t keep incessantly continue to refresh my browser late into the nigh. :D

  2. Blogging for authors.

    Possibly you could get John Scalzi in for a special guest segment on Taping Bacon To Your Cat.

  3. Wells of inspiration (with Dan constantly harping in with “Me”?)
    Tailoring your work to the market (with Howard threatening to be the Tayler who killed seven with one blow?)
    Why Delayed Gratification is Better for You

  4. What ever the topic is, Brandon will still say “Me?” somewhere in the beginning.
    Also “a little late” is not a time frame, so this has done nothing to my refreshing-the-page addiction.

  5. A podcast about “Promises and anticipation”? (hopefully…)
    or “Deadlines – and how to miss them”

  6. No more on blogging and marketing please.

    How about the art of dialogue, more on brainstorming ideas, what to do when you hit a dead end or a block, common plot problems!?

    Let’s get back to writing please;)

  7. It’s really too bad you’ve already done an episode featuring the idea of doing things that make it easier to write and keep writing, because that would’ve been a good show theme :)

    As for guessing… I’ll go with Marketing 301 of some sort :)

  8. DarkEyedBlues had an interesting idea, verbal and written crutches and how to stop using them. It could be titled, “Standing on your own two feet.”
    However, that could be looked on as culturally insensitive to quadrupeds…

  9. How to make fans and alienate them?

    No, that’s not aimed at any of you lovely people, but I know there are some authors who have managed to do that in the past in some fairly spectacular ways… It would make an interesting podcast, but I don’t know if you’d want to mention people by name.

    More seriously, I do like someone else’s guess about Deadlines – and how to miss them, although I don’t think I need further practice at that. The promises and anticipation guess seems possible though.

  10. I gotta go with Why Deadlines Are Important: Fifteen Hours Late, Cuz You’re In A Hurry, And We’re Not That Prepared

    Alternately, How To Keep Demanding Customers Happy, Especially When Giving Something Away For Free.

  11. Oh, Karl’s post reminded me — something about the never-ending controversies over giving your work away for free, DRM vs User-Trust, and all that ongoing stuff?

  12. You can-of-worms’d “Political Intrigue” a few podcasts back in the one on worldbuilding governments, and I’d like to hear about that.

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