NaNoWriMo: Day 15

The halfway point: by the end of today you should have 25,000 words. How are you doing? Are you ahead? Behind? Are you completely and utterly delighted by the exciting world of writing, and you want to do it more and more every day for the rest of your life? Me too.

Also: we are pleased to announce the existence of the (fan created) Reading Excuses forum, a message board designed for you to meet and coordinate with other writers, to share your work, and to give comments. We (Brandon, Dan, and Howard) are not going to police this, it’s purely a sandbox for your guys to play in. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 15”

  1. I am way behind. I just barely cracked the 10,000 barrier last night. Of course, I didn’t get started until the 7th, so I’m doing all right relatively speaking. I’m hoping to regain some ground today and next Saturday.

    I must admit that it has been a great experience. It’s nice to get the creative juices flowing, and silence the nitpicky jerk inner editor. As much as I would love to do it for the rest of my life, I don’t think my skills are quite sufficient for me to quit my day job…yet.

  2. Mark – I’m even more behind, I’ve only got 3400. I’ve been filling plot holes as much as writing, though, which is finally starting to get SOMEWHERE at least. Plus now that I don’t have any creative writing class submissions left, I think I might stop writing linearly for a while.

    Will have to write like a demon to make that 50,000. Thinking I still can, if only just… We’ll see.

  3. I’m way ahead at 42k but I’ll have trouble keeping up the pace the coming week. I hope to breach 50k somewhere monday or tuesday though.

  4. Might mention that the Reading Excuses board isn’t there unless you login to the TWG forums — whereupon it appears as another entry under Local Authors, right after Writing Group.

  5. I did it! 25,220 I’m on track and pushing. Now I can go watch Heroes!

    Hey, that’s great about Reading Excuses!

    Sorry, I’m more than a little excited about how my progress is comming along.

  6. 25,093! Whoooo! Technically I’m still a bit behind the official pace because I didn’t go over 25K until after midnight, but in my mind I’m caught up. I’ll be ahead of pace soon enough.

    I wrote almost 4K tonight in a little over two hours. I’ve got a good flow going right now. I’m excited about what’s happening. NaNoWriMo has been a fantastic experience so far. I’m writing a novel-length work without a net for the first time ever–no outline, just some really dodgy world-building snippets, and I’ve actually managed to turn my inner editor most of the way off. It’s been a liberating experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to carry it into my post-NaNo writing.

    I have to say too, it’s motiviating having you other folks listed as writing buddies on (I’m lewaah, btw, on your buddy lists). I want to thank everyone who published your NaNo profile here on Writing Excuses. I’m pushing myself to write as often as I can so as to stay caught up with Ben and a couple of the others that are close to our number. It’s good motivation. I don’t want to fall behind that group.

  7. I’m racing webbindathewitch (maybe I should tell her I’m considering it a race, nah) I’m going to try and breach 50k today…

  8. @Chris I wondered if we weren’t racing. I have to admit, the reason I made it to 43,200 last night was because I really wanted to catch you (8200 words in one day, phew). In the next two days I’ll finish up my 50,000, and then it’s off on a two week field trip for me. Congrats!

  9. I’m only at 13k as I did not get the end of the week of off. But I would rather get paid as I was short on hours already.
    However, I will have much time at the start of this week as I am going out of town and will only be driving half of it.

  10. Chris – congratulations!

    And I think the race part can kinda go unsaid. It seems to me half of NaNoWriMo’s success is in the competition. ;)

  11. Thank you :D

    I’d rather Dan sent me one of his tedious contracts, wouldn’t want to rob him of his bacon ;)

    @webbinda, I just noticed you catching up at some point and accidentally got competitive Anyway, in the end the prize is our own manusscript and I’m sure we’ll all win in the end.

  12. Hit 27,667 just over the hump, and it’s been a ride let me tell you:

    I’ve had my main character married by surprise, abducted, sent to hell, fall in love with another woman, watch that woman die, and kill a giant amphibian; and that’s only half way through.

    Still love’n every minuet of it though!

    Congratulations to everyone who’s making their goal, and to all those still behind…

    You can dooo it!

  13. Just broke 18k. I’m not on target, but my word count has been pretty consistent for the past several days, so if I just step it up a notch I’ll catch up without a problem. My inner editor still will not shut up, but I’m doing my best to ignore her. :)

  14. Only about 9,500 words, which is bad enough, but it’s worse in that 5700 of those words were for a short that has nothing to do with NaNoWriMo, it just happened to have a submission deadline of 11/15/08 (and I started it on 11/13).

    But I’ve come from behind before. Heck, if Mike Resnick can do a novel in two days (he once mentioned that he did, ghostwriting it as a favor to a friend who was behind deadline) I can probably pull something off in two weeks.

  15. I got caught up with the pace tonight. Before midnight I logged in at 27.191 words, jsut behind Dan, but more than 500 words ahead of the official pace.

    I managed to surprise myself with a plot twist I didn’t know was coming yet. I killed one of my two primary protagonist support characters. I wasn’t expecting it this early in the story but he really did have it coming; his mouth was too big for his circumstances and he went too far with the the wrong person. RIP, General Thom Bartlett.

  16. I don’t know if I should post my wordcount… you might all kill me. Well, except Chris.

    Okay, I’ll say it. I broke 40k this morning. This is an easy year. Yay for discovering that I’m a discovery writer!

  17. It’s official! 50,088! Congrats to all who have finished early! For those who are still plugging away, don’t give up hope, there’s still some time left. Youuu cann doooo it!

  18. I am doing super on my Nano novel! I just passed 30K earlier this evening, and I have to say I loved writing my last scene. And haha, yes, Dan, I soo want to do this more often! I’m really starting to wish every month was a Nanowrimo month because it’s really helping me kick my writer’s block. But then that wouldn’t make Nanowrimo so special, would it?

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