Writing Excuses Season 2 Bonus Episode 1: Live at the Mistborn 3 Release

We talk among ourselves about some episodes of this podcast being “crunchy” and others being “fluffy.” “Crunchy” episodes are the ones where we have hard advice about writing. “Fluffy” episodes are the ones where we talk a little more philosophically about the profession.

This episode takes “fluffy” to a new, flufftastic level. Here are twenty minutes excerpted from almost sixty minutes we recorded in line at the Hero of Ages book release and signing event at the BYU Bookstore. It’s almost like being there, complete with the people in line who have read more of Brandon’s books than you have, and will spoil key points in them via t-shirts. We interview these people, and we also interview a few people who have dirty secrets about Brandon, but are unwilling to share them.


14 thoughts on “Writing Excuses Season 2 Bonus Episode 1: Live at the Mistborn 3 Release”

  1. “This is Writing Excuses bonus episode, 20 minutes long, cuz some people live a lost closer to the author than you do!””

  2. And now I patiently wait by my mailbox for my pre-ordered signed an numbered copy to arrive from Utah IGNORING my officemate who got hers at Borders and is already finished reading the book and who is intent on torturing me with spoilers.

  3. Brandon, Dan, Howard and Jordan: It was wonderful to hear from all of you, and Emily, Brandon’s wife this podcast! I listen every chance I get. I’m one of the many hopeful writers out here in podcast land and I say, huzzah to you and greetings from Boise, ID.

    Now, tell Brandon thanks for the reply to my decline of his party invite because I’m in Boise, ID and I remember meeting him at a Borders signing with Dave Farland (Wolverton) where it was only myself and my girlfriend, Beth who attended!
    Now I can say: “I knew him when he only had two people at a signing…” and tell him Boise can do better than two attendees! Get him up to the Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise for “AMOL” (The Wheel of Time book) and he’ll see!



  4. I went to the Sam Weller’s signing and reading Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun. Aside from telling great stories, Brandon is a first-class person.

  5. This really makes me wish I didn’t have to work late so I ended up missing this event. Course I really wish I didn’t have to work late, ever.

    But the soothing voices of Dan, Howard, and that other guy, made me feel like I was right there.

  6. Speaking of that other guy, I heard he like, wrote some book or something, which maybe had something to do with this episode. Any spoilers or anything that should prevent me from listening?

  7. @Raethe

    There are spoilers for the Mistborn books in the podcast ONLY if you haven’t read the first two. If you have read the first two, you are safe. They don’t spoil the Hero of Ages (Mistborn 3).

  8. I usually enjoy these podcasts, but it made me very uncomfortable when you guys made fun of the kid who likes Paolini. I think you guys can only redeem yourselves by putting more dragon into your podcasts.

  9. To be fair, 99% of the mockery was aimed at Paolini, not the kid in line. But yeah, I felt bad too. We should do a podcast on dragons just to make it up to him…though honestly I don’t know if we can say intelligent things about dragons for 15 straight minutes.

  10. I think a podcast on magical creatures could be great, or made-up creatures in general, across genres (or at least in fantasy/sci-fi/horror). I think it’s interesting that dragons, or dragon-like things, are often in sci-fi as well, and are good just as often as evil. And another interesting question: why do people– especially 9 year old boys– like dragons so much?

  11. this one was pretty amusing, except for the jerks who let out info on the books on there shirts, what kind of jerk goes to an authors signing and pastes his plot twists on a shirt for all those readers who may be turned on to the series just by being at the signing. sorry for the tangent, i have yet to read alcatraz 2 so i was bummed

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