Writing Excuses on CD: Your Fondest Dreams Made Real

Q: How can I possibly get even more Writing Excuses in my life? The podcast is right there, on the Internet, ready to be clicked and/or downloaded at any time of the day or night, as many times as I want, and yet still it is not enough. I must have more. In delicious strawberry and guava flavors, if possible.

A:  Well, you are both weird and lucky, because Writing Excuses is now on CD! This fantabulous new collection features the entire first season, including all 35 episodes (yes, next week’s is already on there).

Q: That does indeed sound awesome, but I want even more than that. I want super-rad stuff I can’t get anywhere else.

A: Done and done: how about a selection of goofy bonus episodes, and a bunch of other exciting files? Not only do you get the full Writing Excuses experience in one convenient disk, you also get to hear outtakes, behind the scenes discussions, and random musings we thought were cool enough to record forever.

Q: Now you’re talking my language, but I want EVEN MORE than that. You’re writers, for crying out loud–I want to read some writing.

A: Then you will be pleased to learn that this disk includes a whole bunch (i.e., some) original manuscripts, chief among them a special sneak-preview of Dan’s book: chapter 1 of the not-available-for-several-more-months book I Am Not a Serial Killer. It’s the ultimate must-have for any Writing Excuses fan!

Q:  I am now officially more excited about this than I ever thought possible. Where and how can I obtain this glorious CD?

A: Travel to the four corners of the Earth, from the heart of the Sahara to the depths of the Paris Catacombs; from the vast reaches of the Amazonian jungle to the peaks of the Himalayas, collecting from each place a magical stone visible only in the first rays of morning sun. Build from them a necklace steeped in ancient power and, thus adorned, visit http://poddisc.myshopify.com/products/writing-excuses-season-1 and give them ten bucks.

Q: I’ll go now, and take all of my friends with me!

A: Don’t tell the others, but you’ve always been our favorite listener.

20 thoughts on “Writing Excuses on CD: Your Fondest Dreams Made Real”

  1. I started to purchase the cd but was put off by the shipping rates to Europe, wich are as much as the cd itself. Then started to type this message and beg for a European distributer, remembered you guys aren’t multinationals and decided to go ahead and buy it anyway.
    Does that make me the first customer? Does it it come with a set of signed bacon as a bonus?

  2. I dono Chris, Dan won’t give up bacon that easily. Maybe a signed picture of Dan eating bacon.

  3. Well, this just solved the problem of “what do I get my friend for her birthday?” She recently published her first book about her son’s heart transplant. I believe she is moving on to genre fiction though and you guys have plenty of goodies she would probably like to hear.

  4. How about a picture by Howard of Brandon feeding Dan bacon, or does that kinda thing cost extra?

  5. Purchased! It’s a great gift idea for those who can’t be bothered to get on the internet.

    One complaint though. Was the necklace of ancient power really necessary? It seemed an awful lot of work…

  6. Excellent! I am buying.

    ps – I am so pumped about Brandon getting on a plane and coming to New York City to do a reading in November for the Hero of Ages tour! YAY! If I get the CD by then, you have to sign that too, ok?

  7. Important question for Dan.

    Would you say you wear a size medium t-shirt?

    Just asking…. ;)

  8. Ordered the cd, because Brandon told me to on his blog… and got same day delivery! I order at 10:30pm and when I come home from work, there it is, sitting there, waiting for me. Not shabby. Not shabby at all.

  9. I wear a size medium armored vest, resistant to bullets and stab wounds, and am surrounded at all times by bodyguards with no necks and very small imaginations. On the other hand, if you’re not a dangerous stalker, I also wear a size medium T-shirt. I am in fact wearing one RIGHT NOW. So are my bodyguards.

  10. I ammend my statement. The Donkey Lich being served bacon by a legion of vampire bunny henchmen.

    I almost suggested rabid vampire bunnies, but that begs the question: are vampires warm-blooded? I would assume not.

  11. *sigh*

    If only I could get same-day delivery in China. I guess I’ll have to deal with waiting for at least three weeks for it to get here.

    *frantically downloads ep. 35 as a solace*

  12. I ordered it earlier today. ^_^ Can’t wait. Well technically I can and will… but that doesn’t mean I want to!

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