Please Don’t Throw Yourselves From Tall Places

Writing Excuses is undergoing a complicated technical overhaul on the back end (by which we mean that Jordo, our techmonkey, is moving to a new house and has very patchy computer and Internet access). This is slowing us down, but we promise that there will be an episode available tonight. Sorry. It will all be cleared up soon, and we shouldn’t have many more problems in the future.

Thanks for your understanding.

3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Throw Yourselves From Tall Places”

  1. As the car swerved near the edge of the digital highway, a techmonkey started throwing banana peels v e r y s l o w l y from a nearby palm tree. The driver frantically spun the joystick this way and that way, as the passengers looked down in fear at the tiny ribbon of a river so far below, and then . . .

    (to be continued in our very next thrilling episode of Lives of Our Readers! Available anywhere better monitors flicker.)

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