Our podcast today will be available this evening, and we are very sorry for the delay. This is a prime example of “doing the unpopular,” but since we don’t have a good reason it’s also a prime example of “doing the unpopular in such a way that it doesn’t work at all.” So, you know, it’s an object lesson? We’re only trying to help? We’ll get it posted this evening, and all will be right again.

16 thoughts on “Sorry!”

  1. What? You’ve messed up my whole schedule. Mondays I download the podcast in time for my lunchtime walk, it’s just the right length. Now I’ll have to wait until this evening, maybe even after dark. If I get mugged it’s all your fault.

    (Just kidding about the getting mugged part. I do enjoy and learn from your ‘casts, keep up the good work.)

    — Alastair

  2. Thank you for the podcast. I write nonfiction, but I learn much from all of you each week. I am attending a large convention this week, and I have been able to engage in substantive conversation with multiple editors already today.

  3. Station Dan Wells? Posting out of the heart of oil drilling country, no doubt? I can hear the announcer now, with a strong Texas accent, say, “Thas hair ed be Dan Wells, a’brangin’ y’all the hart of cuntry from rait hair on top of thas hair darrick. Raymaymba, ownly Dan Wells kin tarn a dry well inter rail music with the bast of cuntry. So keep yo radio tarned to Dan Wells awl the time.”

    That was Dan Wells, sponsored today by Regional Accents Are Your Friends, Uninc.

  4. *Check’s watch…..whistles nonchalantly*

    My brother’s name is Jordan. I could flog him I guess…

  5. I need my fix, aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! then again, I should use this time waiting to write huh? Is this a lesson in tough love?

  6. So your trying to tell us to write while we wait, it IS tough love, noooooooooooooooooooooo


  7. Ah, come on people, waiting is hard; I know, but it’ll come up when it comes up.

    A little patience and we’ll have it.

    Besides, take into account the different time zones.

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