Welcome to Writing Excuses!

We’re still figuring some things out with the website here, but the important part–the podcast itself–is up and ready to go!  We’ll be posting a new podcast each Monday.  Each 15 minute podcast will some aspect of writing, and (hopefully) will be snappy, fun, and informative.  Whether you’re an aspiring writer or just want some insight into the way writers think, we hope you enjoy listening!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Writing Excuses!”

  1. Seems like the podcast might not be available in itunes yet (not available in the US Store?), so until then I’ll just have to enjoy it online. Looking forward to giving it a listen!

  2. If you click on the RSS podcast feed button, copy the URL and paste it in the “Subscribe to Podcast” field under the Advanced menu, you’ll be able to download it using iTunes.

    By the way, great first show! I enjoyed it quite a bit driving home from work tonight.

  3. another thing you can do is replace the HTTP infront of the podcast feed url with itunes and it should open it up in the program and all you to subscribe, same thing with Zune if you have one.

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